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Welcome to Affordable, Friendly, Face to Face & Online Counselling.

Why us?

Despite the world being more connected, we are further disconnected than ever. We understand at times it's harder to seek help from people you know and trust. We understand that we alone can not "fix" your issues. We simply wish to guide you through your journey to not only a better state of mind but to gain a better understanding of yourself.

Let's Chit Chat!

We can arrange a free-of-charge phone call and/or a initial consultation session to discuss your needs and Weather we can setup a day, evening or weekend appointment.

What we do

Let’s Chit-Chat Counselling Therapy is a professional and
confidential service for those seeking help and support with
emotional, personal or relationship problems.

Our Objective

You understand yourself and your issues better. Get in touch with your issues. Develop coping and strengths in order to put a plan into action to change your situation.


Unsure if you need counselling?

We can help you with

Anger Management

Post Traumatic Stress



Relationship Counselling









Anxiety & Stress


Panic Attacks



(Individual Counselling

Myself and My Partner

(Couple Counselling)

My Child

(Youth and Teenager Counselling)