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Anger Management

  • Have you been told by people that you have said something during an argument that you have no memory of?

  • Do you often feel like you are driving on the motorway at a high speed whenever you are angry?

  • Do you feel like exploding, suffocating and non-stopping during arguments?   

  • Do you feel like your pulse cannot be stopped during an argument unless you express yourself?

  • Do you feel like regret or apologetic after an argument?

  • Has your outburst behaviour contributed to a breakdown of a relationship?

  • Are people scared of you when you are angry?

If your answer is yes to 2 or 3 of the above questions then you probably need anger management counselling.

This will help you to manage your behaviour during an argument. This will help you to manage your feelings without it overpowering you.

We do this by:

–    alerting you to the triggers and sources for your anger.

–    helping you understand what is going on underneath the anger.

–    providing techniques for managing emotion when it is triggered.

–    providing behavioural strategies other than anger for dealing with problems when encountered.