Do I Really Need A Therapist?

At some point in our life, must of us face a painful situation, difficult decision or circumstances that would bring change that we find hard to cope with. Counselling offers the opportunity to talk about these situations with a trained professional who will support you through difficult times, without judging or taking sides. The therapist will support you whiles you deciding what might be the best course of action or simply just provide
you with the a safe space to explore your emotion to your satisfaction given you full listening ears. Counselling/Therapy provide a regular time and space for people to talk about troubles and explore difficult feeling, in an environment that is dependable, confidential and free from intrusion. Our work is to facilitate you to consider the aspect of your life you wish to change, this is a process with a beginning, middle and an end.

How Will I Know If I Need Counselling or Psychotherapy?

Step number one is to notice whether you are experiencing any of the following feeling or behaviour recurrently:

  • Nervous

  • Unable to relax

  • Numb

  • Out of control

  • Shy

  • Eating too much or too little

  • Depressed

  • Drinking too much alcohol

  • Weepy

  • Misusing drugs (both prescribed and non-prescribed)

  • Anxious

  • Irritable

  • Desperate

  • Not feeling happy about yourself or your life

  • Unable to be with people or make friends

  • Sense of panic about specific situations

Many more things can be added to this list above, but the golden rule:

“If someone or something seems to be controlling you, then it maybe fitting to seek for counselling.”